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About the D.I.

The Discovery Islander publishes bi-weekly community news and events from Quadra Island and around the Discovery Islands.

The D.I. is distributed free, directly by mail, to residents of Quathiaski Cove, Heriot Bay, Whaletown, Manson's Landing, Surge Narrows, Stuart Island, Blind Channel and Refuge Cove, and at local stores.

View our current issue online. Use the Next and Prev links at the top of each page frame to flip through the pages. Or try the Adobe Acrobat pdf edition for best printing and ease of viewing.

The Discovery Islander is independently owned, and published by Philip Stone D.B.A. Discovery Islands media and publishing in conjunction with Castle Printing.



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What is the best land-use designation for Morte Lake and Mt Seymour on Quadra Island?
As is - Tree Farm License with logging as the primary land use.
A recreation area where logging is deferred in preference to recreation.
A park that prohibits logging and preserves the natural environment and recreational opportunities
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